libProcTer::CMesh Class Reference

#include <cmesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CMesh (CTile *tile)
 ~CMesh ()
void setTile (CTile *tile)
 Should only be called by libProcTer.
void recalcNormals ()
void updateSurface ()
 Should only be called by libProcTer.
bool checkIntegrity ()
CTexturegetTexture (CTileSurface::eTextureType type) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< SVertexm_Vertices
 The vertices of the mesh.
std::vector< STrianglem_Triangles
 The triangles of the mesh.
SSphere m_BoundingSphere

Detailed Description

CJP <>
The mesh class of libProcTer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libProcTer::CMesh::CMesh ( CTile *  tile  ) 

Constructor. Should only be called by libProcTer.

libProcTer::CMesh::~CMesh (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

bool libProcTer::CMesh::checkIntegrity (  ) 

Checks integrity of the mesh. For debugging purposes only.

CTexture* libProcTer::CMesh::getTexture ( CTileSurface::eTextureType  type  )  const [inline]

type The requested type of texture
A pointer to the texture object of the requested type, associated with this mesh, or NULL if that texture is not available.

void libProcTer::CMesh::recalcNormals (  ) 

Re-calculate vertex normals, based on vertex positions.

For meshes created by libProcTer, you should not need to call this.

void libProcTer::CMesh::setTile ( CTile *  tile  )  [inline]

Should only be called by libProcTer.

void libProcTer::CMesh::updateSurface (  ) 

Should only be called by libProcTer.

Member Data Documentation

Bounding sphere of the mesh. When changing the geometry of the mesh, you should re-calculate this manually.

For meshes created by libProcTer, this should already contain a valid bounding sphere.

The triangles of the mesh.

The vertices of the mesh.

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